Women’s Weird and Deceiving Swimsuit Trends

At your latest pool party, you may have noticed fewer string bikinis. We’re sorry—we know you’re a … Get ready to see some ’90s lifeguard lookalikes strutting down the beach because this swimsuit style is everywhere this year.


Fashion Blogger Gabi Gregg: “It’s Political for a Fat Woman to Wear a Bikini or a Crop Top.” on 12th of Dec 2017, Recently, Gregg co-launched plus-size clothing line Premme with Nicolette Mason and collaborated on designs with Playful Promises and Swimsuits . older and/or matronly women who had a bunch of kids, not younger women who wanted trends.

Alpine Butterfly Is a Sexy, Plus-Size Swimwear Label to Watch (since Nov, 2017), It's already difficult enough to shop for a swimsuit as a woman. But for plus-size women, the experience can be extra-hellish . Alpine Butterfly doesn't shy away from the type of girly trends of which Caro is so fond;

The rise of the seasonless wardrobe (Dec 2017), In fact, save for sandals, some swimwear and one particularly hefty . and a new wave of labels are emerging to serve an audience that is saying no to polarising trends, and yes to functional, timeless pieces.

The 10 best-dressed women of 2017 (Dec 2017), She's a master of one-tone dressing It's been one of the biggest trends of 2017, dressing top-to-toe in one . From pretty gingham sun dresses to statement-making swimwear, she's one to watch when you're packing for your holidays. 1.

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