Women’s Weird and Deceiving Swimsuit Trends

At your latest pool party, you may have noticed fewer string bikinis. We’re sorry—we know you’re a … Get ready to see some ’90s lifeguard lookalikes strutting down the beach because this swimsuit style is everywhere this year.


How your Brazilian wax is BAD for your health ‘leaving you at risk of nasty infections’

(Feb 2018) And they are popular trends with the ladies - a YouGov poll in 2016 found almost 50 per cent of women under 35 opt to go completely . The woman had gone for a bikini wax the day before but 24-hours later had a fever and pain in her left thigh.

5 Swimsuit Trends to Watch in 2018

(Feb 2018) There was a time when women weren’t allowed to wear a bikini but were just . The polka dot is a classic style which has been incorporated into countless other fashion trends. Swimsuits are usually simple and plain. With bikinis and similar styles

Rye and Camp Cove Swim

(Feb 2018) Rye’s success stems from its ability to create swimmers that seem cheery, occasionally whimsical, while retaining an almost steely grounding in broader fashion industry trends . her bikini straps are thick enough to provide security to women with

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