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Porsche 4-motor electric powertrain promises ultimate control
on 05th of Dec 2019 Porsche on Wednesday provided the first details on a new electric powertrain it’s developing. The powertrain consists of four electric motors, with each motor capable of independently controlling a

Porsche attracting Tesla owners with all
(Dec 2019) Porsche is attracting interest from a surprising amount of Tesla owners for its new all-electric Taycan sports car, the company said. Out of “thousands” of potential customers who have shown interest

Pennsylvania State Rep. Stole $500,000 From Her Charity to Pay for Porsche, Fur Coats: Prosecutors
(Dec 2019) Reporter A Pennsylvania state representative has been charged with stealing over $500,000 from a nonprofit she founded to pay for her vacations, online shopping sprees, and a Porsche, prosecutors

Watch Tesla Model X, Porsche Taycan ace Euro NCAP crash tests
on 05th of Dec 2019 We’ve started to see how well electric vehicles perform in US tests, but Europe got an in-depth crack at two highly regarded, battery-powered machines. Both the Tesla Model X and the Porsche Taycan

Driving the $185,000 Porsche Taycan: It’s a Stealth Revolution
(Dec 2019) Some revolutions arrive by quantum leap, others by increments. With its new electric car, Porsche has done both—and with just a quiet whirr.

Here’s how Porsche plans to give electric SUVs snow
(Dec 2019) The Porsche Taycan uses one electric motor per axle to enable all-wheel drive, but Porsche is working on a more elaborate way to power all four wheels. The company revealed plans for an electric

Porsche developing four-motor electric powertrain for an SUV
(Dec 2019) The 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S may be the company’s state-of-the-art electric car right now, but that may not last long. In one of its own tech articles, Porsche revealed that it’s working on a

Porsche Has Been Quietly Testing An Electric Crossover With Four Motors
(Dec 2019) Unbeknownst to everyone, Porsche has been testing an electric crossover with four motors. While the company didn’t reveal specifications, the automaker said the model has an innovative torque control

2019 Porsche Cayenne Turbo delivers the intangibles, but be prepared to pay for them
(Dec 2019) Highlights: 2019 model years are the first of the third-generation Porsche Cayenne. Now all Cayennes come with turbocharged engines. This one in particular displaces 4.0 liters, uses two turbochargers

Tesla Model X, Porsche Taycan And 10 Other Cars Get Crash
(Dec 2019) The Porsche Taycan was also slammed into the wall, obtaining a maximum 5-star safety rating, with 85, 83, 70 and 73 percent in Adult, Child Occupant, Pedestrian and Safety Assist, respectively. Other

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