2019 BMW i3 Sport essentials: Almost evangelistic

What is it: Part tech showpiece, part quasi-practical city car, the BMW i3 is the utilitarian ‘ Highlights: The i3 is offered in regular and Sport trims.

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Highlights: The i3 is offered in regular and Sport trims. This is the latter, which gets 181 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque to the non-Sport’s 170 hp and 184 lb-ft. The hilariously named $1,800 Giga World package adds 18-inch wheels and visual interest to the interior, which is heavy on contrasting leather and wool accents.

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Gaurang Doshi ; Producer Of Blockbuster Thriller Aankhen, Is All Set To Return With 3 Movies

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2015 was the world’s hottest year: This is why Australians should worry

Heatwaves are becoming longer, hotter and more frequent as a result of climate change. There is no where for us to hide, and thinking that we can simply “toughen up” or that air-conditioning will come to the rescue is folly, writes Dr Liz Hanna.

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2014 had been the world’s hottest year since records began in 1880, but it held that title for only one year, as today 2015 was confirmed as being even hotter by a significant measure.

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Compare that to Australia’s average air temperature over land (1961’1990) of 21.8C. Admittedly, these time scales do not mirror each other, but the difference of 13.3C is significant and highlights how far Australia is ahead of the global average in terms of exposure to heat.

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