2019 BMW X4 xDrive20d M Sport review

The new, thinner L-shaped tail-light clusters are inspired by the company’s latest sports car models ‘ think 8 Series and Z4 ‘ and on first glance they don’t look quite as sleek on the X4’s chunkier d’

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SUV ‘coupes’ still cause raging debate regarding their design, practicality, and validity of existence. But who started this trend? The widely accepted answer is none other than BMW.

With the original X6, which went on sale globally in 2008, the Bavarian manufacturer tapped into a new niche in the new-car market, combining the high ride height and muscular proportions of an SUV with the sloping roof line of a coupe. Despite the fact it was more expensive and less practical than its X5 sibling, people bought them in droves (in excess of 200,000 X6s have rolled out of global dealerships since 2008), leading BMW to make the X4.

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BMW X4 20d 2019 review – Drive

Thankfully, this new-generation car mostly benefits from a brand new platform underneath that it shares with the new X3 and, despite its compromise for a sleek raked rear roof, anyone who thinks that the upright SUV’has become a bit humdrum probably won’t care less.

If you’ve been swayed from a conventional SUV, the X4 is a matter of style over substance. It loses out on practicality compared to its X3 cousin ‘ things like rear-seat headspace, rearward vision and boot capacity are fractionally less – and it drops some supple ride comfort for a sporty focus.

This is, however, the family car du jour, with uptake in the swoopy coupe wagon and SUV segments heating up like a jiffy with a match under it. And even without kiddies, who cares? It just looks good.

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Auto Review: 2019 BMW X4 xDrive20d and xDrive20i

DID you know that the BMW X range comfortably outsells its road car equivalents here in Australia? We’re talking by more than 50%. And one such SUV that’s being snapped up as part of that is the 2019 BMW X4.

Now in its second generation, the X4 feels like it’s a bit of a misfit and depending on which angle you look at it from, could be a sports coupe, an SUV or something from outer space.

Our petrol test vehicle has a base price of’$76,900 before on-roads, but throw in the options we had pre-loaded, including the Innovations Package, metallic paint, 20-inch M alloy wheels, panorama sunroof and upgraded leather and that price pushes northward.

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BMW X4 2019 review – CarsGuide

This one is bigger ‘ but does that solve the practicality issues of the previous one? The outside is completely restyled, but has the ageing interior of the past been turfed? And now that this is not just a rebodied X3 like the previous car was ‘ does it feel like it has its own identity? And then there’s the wilder M40i – could this be the X4’s ultimate form?

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The X4 is all about the design, well maybe not all but a large part of the appeal of this SUV is its styling,’ which can polarise opinion more than a dinner party conversation that turns to politics. These opinions don’t matter anyway, because it seems the reason some people don’t like it is exactly why some do.’