2019 Toyota Yaris Arrives In The UK With New Y20 And GR Sport Models

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Following its debut at the Paris Auto Show, the updated 2019 Yaris arrives in the UK market packing more style, a refreshed lineup and a limited-edition model.

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Starting with the latter, Toyota will offer 100 examples of the special Yaris Y20 Gold Edition that’s celebrating the model’s 20th’anniversary. The limited run Yaris will be distinguished by a two-tone paint job featuring the original gold pearlescent finish of the first-gen Japanese supermini combined with a dark grey roof, pillars and door mirror housings.

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New 2019 Toyota Corolla could gain hot hybrid GRMN model

Toyota could use the new Corolla hatchback as the basis of its next GRMN branded performance model, following in the footsteps of the Yaris and the all-new fifth-generation Supra.’

Speaking to Auto Express at the Paris Motor Show, Toyota’s European president and CEO Dr Johan van Zyl, explained the company’s process of identifying vehicles worthy of GRMN treatment.