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A group of Maryland girls soccer players just wanted their own club. Now they’re national champions.

Occasionally, boys would complain that there were girls starting over them because, in their view, girls weren't supposed to best them in sports,

Japanese sport cars drive into Norfolk as part of longest running car show

Japanese Auto Extravaganza (JAE) has been bringing petrol heads together in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland for the past 28 years, with one thing in common - the love of Japanese cars ' Japanese Auto Extravaganza (JAE)

Alex Rodriguez Lost $500K in Jewelry and Electronics After His Rental Car Was Broken Into

Unbeknownst to him, shortly after he was through working, his rental car was being robbed by one or more Bay Area thieves ' On Sunday evening,' ' was in ' to color commentate during ESPN's national broadcast of the Phillies-Giants game.