The British brand acts as a safe space for BMW to have a sense of humor and be, well, a little less

[ 2020 Mini JCW GP Review: The M Car BMW Is Afraid To Make ]
Unconstrained by BMW’s reputation, Mini was able to build the 2020 John Cooper Works GP, the front-wheel-drive M-car BMW is too afraid to build itself.

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BMW is fortunate to have Mini under its roof. The British brand acts as a safe space for BMW to have a sense of humor and be, well, a little less BMW-ish. The Bavarian automaker has built up such a rigid reputation over the years, that even the slightest diversion from its rear-wheel-drive, practical sports car recipe is scoffed at and denounced. Especially when the brand’s highest mark of performance, the M-badge, is involved. Mini, on the other hand, can do as it pleases, unconstrained by BMW’s formula. Including building the 2020 John Cooper Works GP: the front-wheel-drive M-car BMW is too afraid to build itself.’

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Date: 2020-06-30
Author: Bryan Campbell
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TEST DRIVE: 2020 MINI Cooper SE ‘ The City Car For You

When the MINI Cooper SE was initially announced, the world let out a rather clear and audible ‘FINALLY’. This car was in the making for about 10 years now, ever since the MINI E took shape. That was a testing product, one meant to literally measure just how much a random person drives every day. This time though, we’re looking at a real-deal electric MINI, one that you can actually buy.

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MINI has been mulling over this idea for quite some time, not just with the MINI E. There have been other hints before of an electric car, such as the MINI Rocketman project, a small city car meant to offer the basics of transportation to its owner.

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2019 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition ‘ Mini for Millennials

I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of an Anglophile ‘ at least in the automotive realm. I don’t take any interest in the drama surrounding England’s monarchy, nor do I drape my clothing with any form of the Union Jack. I’ve simply come to enjoy the cars of the British motoring industry.

After all, I did spend many nights and weekends as a kid rolling around a cold concrete floor, dusted in stale Castrol and kitty litter, helping to get my dad’s 1970 MGB running. I lost a pair of eyebrows to a massive backfire while sorting out tuning issues on the pair of SU carburetors. And I fondly recall the 2002 Mini Cooper S my dad and stepmother bought new ‘ a car she still owns fifteen years after dad’s passing.

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Analysis: Which car makers could win once lockdown lifts?

Uncertainty typically creates winners and losers, but you would have to scratch around forensically to discover evidence of any automotive companies that can declare themselves winners so far in this crisis. Across UK manufacturers, retailers and suppliers, this is typically a ‘300 billion-turnover industry that today is largely on its knees, begging for mercy.

There are too many uncertainties to be sure of what lies ahead, but below are five best-guess insights into which companies ‘ or which types of company, because some of the attributes apply elsewhere ‘ might be able to make the most of a severely disrupted marketplace, as well as five that may potentially struggle.

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