3 Industrial Tech Trends that You Should Know for the Future

As developers focus on this aspect of their cloud services, we can expect more manufacturers to adopt.

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When you’re in the business of manufacturing steel and automotive parts, it’s common knowledge that your area is continuously evolving. The industrial sector is a field where a lot of innovation has taken place, whether it involves lean production or AI.

Efficiency and productivity has always been the top concerns for many people in the manufacturing industry. So, it’s a no-brainer that new developments are being introduced year by year.

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Six Technologies That Could Shake the Food World

A machine that prints chicken nuggets. Fake shrimp made out of algae. Edible coverings that keep fruit fresh.

These inventions’and many more’are part of a technological revolution that is poised to shake up the way we eat.

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While crypto markets are far from being considered ‘stable’, regulatory agencies are beginning to make their positions known. The courtroom doors and Congressional floors have certainly opened up, providing for a simple legal environment, up and until the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) presents formal guidance on the appropriate reporting measures.

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