50 years ago Mario Andretti won Indianapolis 500 in makeshift backup car

and his accomplishments in every discipline of racing in which he has competed remain landmarks of our sport.

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He won in a car he doubts would have qualified had it been revealed a cooler was hiding behind his head in the cockpit.

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Indy 500 champion Mario Andretti talks about his career in racing. Kelly Wilkinson, [email protected]

INDIANAPOLIS ‘ All that was left was the Hawk — that spare car Mario Andretti’s team had no intention of racing.

But, after an ill-fated series of events leading up to the Indianapolis 500 in 1969, Andretti found himself in that No. 2 STP Oil Treatment Hawk III-Ford.

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At the finish line first, becoming the youngest driver at the time to win the historic race in its 53 years. Winning in a car he doubts would have qualified had it been revealed a cooler was hiding behind his head in the cockpit.

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