A fast-moving future for gene-edited foods

‘Consumers accept that technology is good in many aspects of their lives ‘ could protect these plants in the future while cutting down water and chemical use, experts say.

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In a gleaming laboratory hidden from the highway by a Hampton Inn and a Denny’s restaurant, a researcher with the biotech firm Calyxt works the controls of a boxy robot.

The robot whirs like an arcade claw machine, dropping blips of DNA into tubes with pipettes. It’s building an enzyme that rewrites DNA ‘ and transforming food and agriculture in the process.

Thanks to a cutting-edge technology called gene editing, scientists now can turn plant genes ‘on’ and ‘off’ almost as easily as Calyxt scientists flip a switch to illuminate the rows of tender soybean plants growing in their lab.

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Gene-edited foods see a fast-moving future

A researcher holds a canola sample at Calyxt, where experimental wheat and soybeans are also grown. Calyxt’s soybean is the first of 23 gene-edited crops the Agriculture Department has recognized to date. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Tim Gruber for The Washington Post

Senior research associate Chunfang “Spring” Wang works with samples in a Calyxt lab. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Tim Gruber for The Washington Post

Calyxt’s “healthier” soybean, the industry’s first true gene-edited food, could make its way into products such as chips, salad dressings and baked goods by the end of this year.

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