Ask Ethan: Are We Deceiving Ourselves By Searching For B
(Oct 2018) The hot, dense, matter-and-radiation filled state wasn’t the birth of space and time, but rather came about as the aftermath . wouldn’t have revealed whether the waves were or weren’t quantized, it

Nanoscale spin-wave circuits based on engineered reconfigurable spin
(Oct 2018) Magnon spintronics can harness quantized spin waves . Direct evidence was provided via observations made using space- and time-resolved STXM on the channeling and steering of localized spin

Famous Experiment Dooms Alternative to Quantum Weirdness
(Oct 2018) The standard “Copenhagen interpretation” of quantum mechanics, originated at that time by the Danish physicist Niels Bohr . that are guided through space by real pilot waves — much like the waves pr

What Quantum Gravity Needs Is More Experiments
(Oct 2018) If the gravitational field can be quantized, it should exhibit characteristic . Such a theory will enhance our understanding not only of space and time, but also of quantum systems in general.