Assistant HS baseball coach, player’s dad rescued from fallen power lines on cars

A Millburn assistant baseball coach and the parent of a Millburn player had to be rescued from their cars by Montclair firefighters after a fallen tree sent live power lines atop of their vehicles Tuesday.

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Millburn head baseball coach Brian Chapman said assistant coach Joey Kropa and J.J. Abbott, the father of Millburn player Oren Abbott, were trapped in their cars on Champlain Terrace until aided by firefighters after Tuesday night’s storm forced the suspension of the Super Essex Conference game between Millburn and Montclair at Woodman Field.

Chapman said his all players were on the team bus when the wires came down. The players were never in danger, Chapman said.

“It went from pleasant and us batting in the top of the second inning to dark and trees crashing to the ground in like two-and-a-half minutes,” said Chapman. “It was scary and harrowing. After those trees and branches came down, it looked like a war zone.

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