Best cheap sports cars

Brand new sports cars are out of most people’s price range, however, if you’re prepared to shop around on the used car market you might just be able to make that performance car dream a reality.

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With ‘MIB: International,’ Lexus Is Again Cast as a Summer Blockbuster Car

When moviegoers first saw King T’Challa in action as Black Panther it was a real showstopper: The Marvel comic book character clings to the top of a sleek new Lexus LC sports coupe as he surfs through the busy streets of Busan, South Korea, in a high-speed chase that ultimately destroys his remote-controlled ride.

The scene’s a crowdpleaser, to be sure’and it successfully sells Lexus’ image as a maker of high-performance luxury sports cars to a younger audience. Starting this weekend, with a prominent role in Sony’s sci-fi franchise Men in Black: International, the Japanese automotive company hopes to add another hit to its credits, giving it supporting roles in summer blockbusters for two years running.

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Ford opens Israel tech lab in move toward driverless cars

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2019 BMW Z4 sDrive30i vs. 2019 Porsche 718 Boxster ‘ Convertibles Compared

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Pure Italian Cars vs. Those With American Hearts

What do Italian Cars have that American Automakers just don’t get? We had some experts weigh in on the differences between American cars and their Italian counterparts.

Xtreme Xperience is a supercar driving experience that boasted one of the first Corvette C7 Stingrays available to the public. Yet its customers choose Lamborghinis and Ferraris over the ‘Vette by almost three to one. This is just one example of how, even here in America (Xtreme Xperience stages events at 20 racetracks nationwide), Italian-made cars exude an exotic mystique which domestic marques struggle to match.

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