Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ is the fastest production car ever

This is the record-breaking prototype, but 30 production cars are officially coming. We knew it was coming, and now it’s officially official.

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We knew it was coming, and now it’s officially official. Last night during the gala dinner part of the Grand Tour organized to celebrate 110 years of Bugatti, company boss Stephan Winkelmann made the big reveal at home in Molsheim. What you see is here is the already famous prototype that did 304.773 mph, but a small batch of production cars is planned for deep-pocketed customers.

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The Bugatti Chiron Hits 304 MPH in World Record Top Speed Run

Ever since the Bugatti Chiron waltzed onto the scene in all its 1,479-horsepower glory, the car’s pesky speed limiter’a paltry 261 mph, 7 ticks lower than the record-setting Veyron it replaced’left us wondering if and when Bugatti intended to max it out. Friends, that time is now. The Bugatti Chiron has officially broken the mythic 300-mph mark, an achievement that should be followed by an uber-limited run of capable customer cars.

Last month, a modified Bugatti Chiron coyly described as a “pre-production prototype” hit a GPS-verified 304.773 mph in Germany with ace pilot Andy Wallace at the wheel to conditionally reclaim the title of the fastest production car in the world from the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Obviously Bugatti will have to sell a few to cement the record, and the press release’s careful wording hints at those plans. Some internet sleuthing by Car & Driver‘revealed it might called the Chiron Super Sport 300.

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Bugatti’s Chiron Clocks 305 MPH Thanks to Top-Notch Tires

Environmental regulations may be pushing the auto industry to produce hybrid and electric cars, while consumer preferences demand high-riding, cargo-hauling SUVs and crossovers. But for some, raw speed still trumps all other considerations. Among them are fans of Bugatti, who are no doubt thrilled to hear that the latest vehicle from Volkswagen’s ultra-luxury arm just became the first production car to top 300 miles per hour.

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Bugatti hits 305 mph, first supercar to break the 300 mph barrier

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After Finally Breaking 300 MPH, the Bugatti Chiron Is Now the World’s Fastest Supercar

Bugatti has never hid its desire to eclipse 300 mph with the Chiron. And it now appears that the automaker has managed to do just that, creating a vehicle that can now lay claim to the title of world’s fastest supercar.

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On Monday, the French automaker announced that a modified version of the Chiron driven by Andy Wallace hit a top speed of 304.77 mph during testing at Volkswagen Group’s Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany early last month, according to Top Gear. The record-breaking mark was verified by T’V, Germany’s Technical Inspection Association.

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Bugatti Chiron Hits 304 MPH, Becomes Fastest Car in the World

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304 miles per hour is, by pretty much every traditional standard of human measurement, fast. It’s 40% of the speed of sound at sea level. It’s 11 times faster than the fastest man in the world, nearly seven times faster than the fastest horse, and 3.57 times faster than the highest speed limit found in the United States. That last stat happens to be of particular relevance here, because it shows just how insanely fast the Bugatti Chiron seen here ‘ which just hit 304 mph in a track test ‘ is in real-world terms. That figure is enough to make the Chiron you see here the fastest production car in the world.

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