Cars We Remember: A look back: Crosley sub

When the war ended, Crosley resumed civilian car production and utilized larger four-cylinder water-cooled engines.

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25 Useless Sports Cars No One Should Ever Race (Or Drive)

When a Ferrari 812 Superfast pulls up and stops at the valet in front of a famous gourmet restaurant, everyone watching knows it is a high-performance sports car.

The sleek and smooth flowing lines and low-profile tires make a good first impression. But it is the unique Ferrari sound generated by the naturally-aspirated, 6.5-liter V12 engine cranking out 788 horsepower and 529 lb-ft of torque, along with the carefully crafted intakes and exhausts, that truly convinces the observer that this is, without a doubt, a sports car.

A sports car is typically a smaller automobile that is designed for spirited performance and agile handling. Sports cars became popular during the 1920s, and the first known use of the term in the U.S. was in 1928.

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Who Remembers This Whalom Park 1951 Crosley Truck?

Those of us who are old enough to remember the Whalom Amusement Park of Massachusetts may recognize this scaled-down fire truck. Employed for 49 years to ferry visitors around until the Lake Whalom attraction closed on September 4, 2000, this 1951 Kiddie Hook and Ladder Fire Truck Amusement Ride proved hugely popular with children of all ages.

The site upon which the park sat was redeveloped for housing back in 2006, but the truck found a home when park assets were sold on; before arsonists began torching what remained. Now, after 19 years of enthusiast ownership, the truck could be yours for $40k.

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QOTD: Returning to the Flock? – The Truth About Cars

Have you ever strayed? Fallen off the well-trodden path that carried you into adulthood from your imaginative youth?

We’re not talking sin, vice or philandery here, no sir. We’re talking cars. Most adults who harbor a deep love for all things automotive grew up loving all things automotive ‘ it’s one of those age-spanning infatuations, unlike a passing interest in grape popsicles or dance music or that girl who sat in front of you in Grade 9 English class. Once you’re hooked on broader subjects like autos, history, or whatever else, it seems a person never strays from the path.

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Woman survives jump from Murray Baker as bridge is shut down for 3 hours

PEORIA ‘ A woman survived a jump from the Murray Baker Bridge into the swollen Illinois River on Sunday afternoon after spending more than three hours talking with authorities while armed with a taser and moving about on steel beams beneath the bridge.

The woman positioned herself on the bridge supports at 12:57 p.m. Initial firefighting crews were unable to reach her from the deck of the bridge so the Peoria Fire Department Technical Rescue Team was called.

“Firefighters (rappelled) down to make contact with the subject and try to rescue her,” read the Fire Department’s report issued Sunday night.

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