Coach speak: Danville girls’ tennis coach Mark Bacys

Prep Sports Coordinator Danville High School athletic director Mark Bacys at the high school in Danville July 31, 2018.

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MARK BACYS stayed busy last school year, helping Danville girls’ tennis to a sectional title and taking over athletic director duties for the first time. He checked in ahead of Year 2 as the Vikings’ AD:

Of course Lauren being gone is a big loss at the top of the lineup. Her taking the court and taking on the best player each time set a pretty good tone for us. We’re going to have to move somebody up to the No. 1 singles spot, which is a very challenging spot to play for tennis in high school. We’re optimistic, but we also know we have probably three, maybe four freshmen that are going to challenge for some spots in our lineup.

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