Colts lineman’s offseason workout includes pushing stranded cars

When Mark Glowinski isn’t fending off would-be tacklers on the football field, he apparently enjoys pushing cars.

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According to WTHR in Indianapolis, the driver ‘ apparently out of gas ‘ was able to coast to a gas station at the end of the block thanks to Glowinski’s shove.

With the gas station that close, it seems the driver could have easily walked to the gas station and filled up a portable gas can.

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Five offseason moves to improve all 16 AFC teams – KABC

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NFL Free Agency: 2018 playoff teams aren’t spending big

The Cowboys weren’t in a position to go hog wild last week anyway’as of Sunday morning, they sat with $24.3 million in cap space and cadre of young stars to lock up. But even if their situation were different, and they did have a little more breathing room to spend, chances are they’d still have sat out all the craziness.

It is, quite honestly, what the Jones family has learned, through success and failure, about running a team in the NFL’s salary cap era, now in its 26th year.

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Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. out for Sunday’s game vs. Colts

The Giants wide receiver was ruled out on Friday for Sunday’s game against the Colts with a bruised quad, which Beckham has described as a “hematoma.”‘

The 26-year-old receiver did not practice all week but head coach Pat Shurmur said that they would not shut Beckham down for the season if he was healthy. Beckham also said on Thursday that if he is healthy, he will play.’

“You work to play these games and to be out there,” Beckham said. “These same guys, we get up everyday, we got to work, get out there and practice hard. You want to play with your brothers. I want to play with (Sterling) Shep(ard), Saquon (Barkley), finish the season strong.”

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Nubyjas Wilborn Nubyjas Wilborn’s Pirates chat transcript: 03.06.19 – Pittsburgh Post

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