Deep dive on the Disruptor’s Handbook process ‘ innovation, agile and the future of marketing

We look at how ‘agile’ applies to marketing, technology, and how new products, mindsets and future-ready organisations can be accelerated using startup approaches ‘ while also managing the risk and go’

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What is the future of marketing’is it innovation? Is it the other way around? We believe it’s both as Gavin Heaton explains on the Echo Junction podcast.

Since the Echo Junction podcast began back in 2015, I have been a huge fan. Not only does founder, Adam Fraser, seek out interesting guests from around the world and some challenging topics, he does so from his offices right here in Sydney.

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Get creative: How leaders at 8 Chicago tech companies facilitate innovation

Innovation is the name of the game for companies looking to stay competitive as markets evolve. But what can you do, exactly, to ensure that your company stays on the cutting edge? We asked leaders at eight Chicago tech companies to find out.


Large logistics companies’use project44 to boost their visibility and efficiency. The company’s APIs handle pricing, routing and scheduling from all ends of the supply chain. Jett McCandless, founder and CEO, wants employees across the company to pitch and work through their ideas when they’re struck with inspiration.

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Why The Best Way To Prepare For AI Is By Studying Past Technological Revolutions

Scientific and technological advancements have always had significant impacts on human lives over the course of history. Artificial intelligence, as a major technological force, has already started exhibiting its impact at a global level. However, this is just the beginning. The impending impact is going to be more deep-rooted, more disruptive and more transformative than we have witnessed in history. Every aspect of human civilisation is going to get affected and eventually transformed ‘ be it academia, corporations, social institutions or individuals.
Formal efforts in AI started in the 1950s. It witnessed several ups and downs, particularly two major winters

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