Donald Trump’s Space Force plans analysed by a sci

Seasoned watchers of both US politics and US science fiction will have had the uncanny feeling, though, of having seen this all before.

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The rhetoric of both Pence and Trump, referring respectively to “the boundless expanse of space” and the necessity for “American dominance,” is inherently science-fictional, but of a particularly American kind. It is not the cooperatist vision of Soviet science fiction, nor the ramshackled approach of British sci-fi (take Doctor Who), and certainly not the Afrofuturist marriage of esoteric technology and indigenous folklore, seen most recently in Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time.

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Donald Trump’s Space Force plans analysed by a sci

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The US leadership has plans to introduce a ‘US Space Force’ by 2020. Already announced by president Donald Trump in June, US vice president Mike Pence outlined further details of the plan at a press conference on August 9. The Space Force, he said, would consist of an elite corps of soldiers trained to fight in space, and a space command that would design military strategies for warfare beyond the atmosphere.

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