Driver writes off Maserati Ghibli sports car he borrowed from his best mate in 110mph crash

Driver lost control outside of the city of Jiaxing, China The driver – surnamed Shi – span out of control on a 75mph road near the city of Jiaxing, China.

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THIS is the moment a man wrote off his mate's ‘110k Maserati sports car in a 110mph motorway smash.

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The vehicle, which appears to be a 2016 Maserati Ghibli, was lent to Shi by his friend, who was not in the car.

The CCTV footage shows Shi speeding into view on the largely empty motorway – before suddenty veering to the right.

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Shi admitted to investigators that he had been speeding at the time of the crash, going at up to 111 mph in a 75mph zone.

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The car’s insurer is not expected to pay out in full due to the unlawful cause of the accident, the police said.

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