ECHO readers react to teenage boy who wore sports bra to school

Praise has flooded in for a teenage boy who wore a sports bra to school to support a female classmate.

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Raymond Deane was left “angry and upset” after a teacher at Hugh Baird College disciplined the girl and sent her home for wearing a similar garment.

The 15-year-old said he thought the girl should have been taken to the side and spoke to and not humiliated in front of everyone.

Unbeknownst to his mum Kim, Raymond asked his sister and her friends if he could borrow their sports bras to wear to school in protest.

His actions have been labelled as admirable by dozens of people who have praised him for “standing up for what he believes in”.

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ECHO readers react to teenage boy who wore sports bra to school

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Shannon Riley also said: " What a legend not many lads out there that would stand by their mates like that if they thought it would take away there masculinity.

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Raymond, and this three friends who arrived at the school wearing their sports bras, were put into isolation the next day and told to either take off the sports bras and go back to class or risk being sent home.

A number of ECHO readers commenting on the story said that while they agreed that the sports bra was not appropriate for school, Raymond and his friends did the right thing.

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