F1 2021 cars: Ross Brawn admits DRS could stay for new rules

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Formula One reveals striking first images of 2021 concept cars for new era

Formula One has unveiled fresh concept images for its 2021 season cars, when the regulations will undergo radical changes. The images and results are visually striking and aesthetically pleasing.’

Three different concepts have been revealed. The visual aspect is just one part, however. Another’important aspect of the regulation changes is to make for better and more exciting racing.’

F1’s Managing Director of Motorsports Ross Brawn outlined the objectives ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.’

"When we started looking at the 2021 car, the primary objective was to enable the cars to race well together,’ Brawn said "What we established early on in our research is the cars we have now are very bad in following each other."

Formula 1 2021 concept car image leaked

F1’s managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn produced the vision for the new look grand prix car in a ‘Tech Talk’ seminar that had been put on by race organisers in Singapore on Wednesday night.

Although the technical seminar took place behind closed doors, images of the concept car quickly circulated on social media.

The concept comes as F1 moves to finalise an overhaul of car rules for 2021 in a bid to make grand prix racing more exciting and more attractive to fans.

The mock-up of the Ferrari features several design differences to the current cars, including the 18-inch wheels that form part of the future F1 tyre tender contract.

Here Are the 100 Best Shows Right Now

Why is TV Guide ranking the 100 best shows right now? Tony Soprano once said, “Those who want respect, give respect.” He also said, “A wrong decision is better than indecision.”

But this list isn’t about Tony Soprano. Or Don Draper. Or Olivia Pope or Mary Richards or Blanche Devereaux. This list is about today’s golden age of television. Peak TV deserves its own spotlight, a ranking of the very best shows that are being created right now, across every platform.

Moving on.

Following Eleanor Shellstrop’s (Kristen Bell) personal journey as she fights for a better place in the afterlife, the show asks the Big Questions: “What does it mean to be a good person? If you’re a bad person, how do you become a good person? Is that even something you can learn?” And the best part is, Schur and his team actually try to answer these questions.

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