Female Athletes Receive Only 4% of Sports Media Coverage’Adidas Wants to Change That

This lack of coverage also tees up a shortage of role models for girls in sports’and if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

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And finally, Adidas is fighting to change the balance of sports media coverage, committing to equal representation of female athletes in the brand’s own content and announcing a partnership to stream girls’ games live on Twitter.

Glamour spoke with Nicole Vollebregt, the woman behind She Breaks Barriers and senior vice president of global purpose at Adidas, about how her team is working to level the playing field for women in sports.

Glamour: Tell me about the genesis of the She Breaks Barriers campaign’why did this feel like the right moment?

There’s a lot of talk happening on the subject of equality in sports right now. What does that mean to you? What do we need to see to make that happen?

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How brands are pushing for change to mark International Women’s Day

From ending period poverty to helping female creatives return to work, today (8 March) marks International Women’s day, and a flurry of brands are joining the movement to help empower, celebrate and support women and their achievements.

However, despite the fact a number of organisations are working hard to push for gender equality there’s still a long way to go in terms of closing the gender pay gap and shifting the representation of women in advertising.

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Amazon has revealed a new programme called Amazon Amplify, which is designed to help boost gender diversity and inclusion across its UK business.

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OPINION: Women’s History Month in the Media: Shining the Right Spotlight

As I scrolled through my social media last month, and even now, I became aware of the increase in female representation across the pages of well-known brands. Obviously, this was due to the fact that March was Women’s History Month, but it got me thinking about the implications that arise by limiting the celebration of women to one month out of the year.

Let me start by saying, I think Women’s History Month is incredible, as it pushes to legitimize the empowerment of women – something I am thankful for. Additionally, it drives the media to address the problem that women are continuously underrepresented in many industries. Before writing this article, I was unaware of the large discrepancy between the number of advertisements on men versus women; according to Marketing Week, men are spoken about seven times more than women in advertising. Moreover, only 4% of sports coverage is dedicated to female athletes ‘ a prevailing statistic that speaks to the inequality of representation within the media.

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Date: 2019-04-24T19:43:17-0400
Author: Emily Chase
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