FIA signs off hybrid system for next

The next generation of World Rally Championship cars will adopt a bespoke 100kW plug-in hybrid system after the final ‘Rally1’ technical regulations were agreed by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council.

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As well as giving crews a power boost on the stages, the technology is set to be used on road sections.

Test work on the new system, which was’awarded to German firm Compact Dynamics in March, is expected to begin next February.

To improve safety, Rally1 cars will feature a secondary hoop built into the roll cage behind the driver and co-driver to increase torsional stiffness in the case of a roll. Side impact protection is also being beefed up, with more material being introduced into the door bars.

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FIA signs off hybrid system for next-gen WRC cars

Other changes introduced by the World Motor Sport Council include reducing the number of engines each crew can run in the WRC from three to two, and removing the anti-lag system’s fresh air valve, to push costs down.

The FIA’s Rally Director, Yves Matton, said: “Looking to the future, the key is the elements of the Rally1 philosophy: first, hybrid and sustainable technology; second, improvement in safety; and third, cost reduction.

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“Introducing the hybrid car was key to getting the manufacturers’ commitment for 2022 and this is why it was not possible to think about postponing the introduction of this technology in the World Rally Championship.

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Red Bull could quit F1 if new engine rules don’t happen

At the beginning of October, Honda shocked the world of Formula 1 by announcing its decision to quit the sport at the end of 2021. Currently, it supplies a pair of teams’Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri’both owned by the Red Bull energy drinks company. Red Bull now has to find a replacement supplier for the fiendishly expensive, insanely complicated hybrid powertrains required by the rules. And it, too, might quit the sport in 2022 if it can’t do that to its satisfaction, a warning issued this week by Red Bull’s sporting director,‘Helmut Marko. So what the heck is going on?

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Formula One Can’t Decide If It’s Going Green. Honda’s Exit Shows It Needs To

Formula One is, arguably’and we definitely know you can debate this’the world’s premier motor racing series. It’s been going for more than 1,000 races, over the past 70-plus years now. Millions of people watch it worldwide and despite the difficulties of operating a colossal, international series during coronavirus, it’s still putting pretty decent seasons together. But everyone seems to be very angry about it all the time, including people who like it or are even investing massive amounts of money in it.’

Honda announced last week that it will leave the sport, for the fourth time since F1’s inception, after the 2021 season. The reasons cited in the press release were that the company has to refocus its engineering capacity on achieving net carbon neutrality by 2050, with no capacity left for running a Formula One program on the side.’

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Why Honda’s fourth F1 departure is different – and what it says about the sport

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It may be tempting to regard Honda’s fourth departure from Formula 1, announced this morning, as yet another example of a capricious car manufacturer coming and going as it pleases.

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Jeep reveals the Renegade 4xe plug-in hybrid

Jeep’s take on the plug-in hybrid guarantees a sustainable vehicle with no loss to its off-road cred

After wowing enthusiasts with the Wrangler 4xe, Jeep has unveiled the Renegade 4xe, touted as the most fuel-efficient Jeep SUV ever, with the new 4xe tech offering zero tailpipe emissions in full electric mode and CO2 emissions lower than 50g/km in hybrid mode. That said, the Jeep Renegade 4xe remains true to its all-terrain vocation. The increased torque generated by the electric motor ensures unaffected four-wheel-drive capability on any terrain, for extreme off-road adventures.

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