Focus On The Future Of Tech With This ETF

If any sector can be deemed evolutionary, futuristic and revolutionary, it’s technology. Some exchange-traded funds are picking up on those themes. Consider the SPDR Kensho Future Security ETF (NYSE:XFKS), which debuted in December.

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The SPDR Kensho Future Security ETF tracks the Kensho Future Security Index, a benchmark ‘designed to capture companies whose products and services are driving innovation behind future security, which includes the areas of cyber security, advanced border security, and the following areas for military application: robotics, drones and drone technologies, space technology, wearable technologies and virtual or augmented reality activities,’ according to State Street Global Advisors (SSgA).

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Focus On The Future Of Tech With This ETF

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Since it came to market in December, XKFS has performed admirably, returning 11.1 percent. The ETF holds 66 stocks with a weighted average market value of $18.51 billion. Some market observers argue that XKFS is positioned for themes such as increased cybersecurity and high-tech defense spending.

“One aspect of the future of security debate taking on increased urgency is planning for warfare outside the earth’s atmosphere, which is creating the possibility of other-worldly opportunities for investors,” said SSgA in a recent research piece.

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Skip Elon Musk’s Tesla ‘production hell.’ There’s an easier way to invest in the car of the future

If you’d like a way to invest in the future of cars, including autonomous vehicles and electric batteries, Tesla has been a rewarding stock market bet, up from $20 in 2010 to close to $300 today. But it has not been stress-free, for stockholders or for Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk. Musk recently said, more than once, that trying to ramp production of the mass market Model 3 is a living “hell”, and lately, he has been sleeping on a couch at the Tesla manufacturing plant ‘when sleeping at all. Tesla cash flow and bankruptcy fears (which to be fair to Tesla, have trailed the company for years and many hedge fund shorts have been on the wrong side of, so far) have taken a toll in the past year on the high-flying stock, down close to $100.

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Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Technology

The technology sector includes everything from major companies that everyone knows, to players both big and small that operate largely behind the scenes. The category is also home to emerging companies of all sizes, start-ups, and billion-dollar household brands.

In a broad sense, the category includes stocks involved with the research, creation, and distribution of technology-based goods or services. That can be everything from computers to software,’televisions to websites.’Hardware is the physical device — a computer, a television, a smartphone, etc. Software is the computer code and platforms that make those devices work.’