Girls wrestling, and two other sports, are approved for official high school sanction by CHSAA in Colorado

DENVER ‘ There will be three new sanctioned sports in Colorado. Girls wrestling, boys volleyball and Unified bowling were all approved in a vote by the Legislative Council during its annual meeting on ‘

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Steamboat Springs female wrestler making Colorado history for high school girls wrestling

Steamboat Springs freshman Adalia George qualified for the girls’ state wrestling meet in Thornton this weekend. George will compete in an eight-person bracket in the 136 weight class. (Photo by Leah Vann)

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Her shop teacher in seventh grade, Travis Bryant, happened to be the head wrestling coach at Steamboat Springs High School, and told her to go try it.

‘I came to practice all smart and stuff, and then I ended up really liking it,’ George said. ‘It was kind of a joke at first, but when I actually started doing it, learning it was super hard. I didn’t really understand it.’

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Girls wrestling dawns in Colorado with first state tournament

The state held its first recognized girls high school wrestling state championship at Thornton where nearly 80 qualified athletes competed in 10 weight classes from 100 to 215 pounds.

One of the athletes in the field’was JoJo Cummings, a Northridge High School sophomore who had not wrestled before this season. Cummings, 16, went 2-2 in the daylong tournament and finished fourth in the 105-pound weight class.

Fans and wrestlers, both boys and girls, sat in bleachers on three sides of the dark blue mats during the tournament. Others stood to watch in an open space on another side of the mats. More spectators sat matside on the gym floor, up close and nearly on top of the history in progress in front of them.

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Unified bowling, boys volleyball, girls wrestling continue to seek sanctioning

The three sports currently in pilot seasons each got a thumbs up from the Equity Committee on Thursday, meaning their quest for sanctioning will continue.

Unified bowling, girls wrestling and boys volleyball each presented to the committee, and were approved by the committee following a review of each sport thus far in their pilot seasons.

The Equity Committee was tasked with reviewing a formal survey of schools about each sport, with a specific eye on the number of schools currently offering a program, the availability of facilities, the availability of officials and coaches, and student participation numbers. In addition, they reviewed the positive and/or negative impact to proportionality and Title IX considerations for the member schools, and for the Association.

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Vista Ridge hosts local all-girls wrestling tournament as pilot program; Doherty comes out on top

A referee holds up the arm of Gaby Norman after she won a match against her sister Angel Normal during the Alpha Female tournament at Vista Ridge High School in Colorado Springs, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019. Gaby lost a match in the semifinal round, giving up her third place spot. (Photo by Kelsey Brunner/The Gazette)

Nearly a year after girls’ wrestling received the green-light as a pilot program, local girls’ teams are popping up all over the Pikes Peak region’ and they’re finding success.

Saturday at the Vista Ridge Alpha Throw Down all-girls wrestling tournament some 75 female wrestlers from about 25 schools came out to what is believed to be the biggest collection of girl wrestlers in the Colorado Springs area during the sport’s pilot year.

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