Gran Turismo Sport Adds 9 Cars With Free November Update

Gamers also get a new track ‘ Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Owners of Gran Turismo Sport can download a new game update that adds nine new cars and a new race track.

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For November, the development team is offering an update ‘ out today ‘that adds the aforementioned nine new cars and Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The new vehicles are from a wide range of automakers and time periods ranging from 1961 to 2009. The new cars are:’

That’s quite an eclectic range of new vehicles to drive in the game. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is the Grand Prix circuit.’

But that’s not all Polyphony is offering with the update. The developer is also adding new game modes and events that include the X2014 Nations Cup (Professional League) and the Mini Challenge (Beginner League). The company is also adding events to the Group 4 Cup (Beginner League), Boxer Spirit (Amateur League), All Japan GT Car Championships (Professional League), and the Porsche Cup (Endurance League).

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Gran Turismo Sport Gets Catalunya and 9 New Cars in Free November Update

The November update of PlayStation’s Gran Turismo Sport is due out Tuesday and it will include nine new cars in addition to Spain’s Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, more commonly known as just Catalunya.

Formula 1 fans and drivers alike should be mighty familiar with that track given that it not only hosts the Spanish Grand Prix but also happens to be the official venue for pre-season testing. Featuring 16 corners over 2.9 miles, Catalunya is the latest real-world circuit where GT Sport players can test their Mercedes-AMG F1 cars, Nissan Skylines, and whatever else they happen to have in their virtual garages.

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