Hyundai says electric sports car developed with Rimac will be ‘game changer’

The electric sports car that Hyundai is developing with Rimac will be a “game-changer” for the South Korean automaker and will influence the way it creates cars,

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Two models will result from the investment: a sports car for Hyundai’s N performance subbrand and a fuel cell car, likely for Kia.

The new sports car will be a benchmark that would “influence the thinking in the engineering teams in the design teams in the marketing teams,” Beurkle told Automotive News Europe at a Hyundai UK press event on Wednesday.

“You could say it is a marketing instrument on the outside but it’s also a game changer on the inside,” he said.

The design of the car needs to make it very clear it has a different drivetrain, rather have onlookers think it’s powered by a big combustion engine, Beurkle said.

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Many things are taking place:

Wheels Lightweight, cut-power Porsche Taycan in development

Game changing technology and variety of powertrains just the beginning for Porsche’s first electric vehicle

There was no technical briefing and no press release during our first ever taste of the new Porsche Taycan, but nevertheless after two days of conversation, the clearest picture yet of the car’s technical content is now becoming apparent.

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The car will be formally launched at the Frankfurt show in September with two power outputs, with customer deliveries taking place before the end of the year. It seems the most powerful will now have rather more than the 447kW originally suggested for it ‘ perhaps as much as 470kW ‘ with the less powerful model around 75kW behind. At least one more model will be introduced thereafter, likely to have an output near 300kW.

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2019 is set to be a bumper year for new cars, with important releases due from Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota and many other manufacturers. Before you head down to a dealer to commit to buying something, check out what we’ll be seeing on sale in the next few months here in the UK.

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There are many firsts about the Aston Martin DBX. It’s the firm’s first SUV, the first model to be produced in its new factory, the first built to target female buyers and, in time, the first to get hybrid technology.’

That it’s also set to become the company’s best-selling model shows just how crucial the DBX is to Aston’s ‘Second Century’ plan, devised (and so far being near-faultlessly implemented at double speed) by boss Andy Palmer.’

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