Is Hyundai’s Halo Sports Car Going To Use A Hybrid Powertrain?

Hyundai’s N performance division is currently developing a halo model and, according to rumors, it could feature a potent hybrid powertrain.

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The South Korean automaker first confirmed it was working on such a vehicle in July 2018, but has kept details about the vehicle close to its chest. However, a new report from Autocar may, if proven correct, give us an insight on what engine this model will use.

The British publication claims that talks are being held within the company about the possibility of the halo model using a turbocharged four-cylinder up front as well as an electric motor providing additional power at the rear. If the vehicle were to use the engine of the i30 N with up to 275 hp and the electric powertrain of the Kona Electric, up to 500 hp could be on the cards.

While you’re here, how about this:

Hyundai N division ‘halo’ car could be AWD and hybrid

Hyundai is favouring an all-wheel-drive, petrol-electric powertrain for its upcoming ‘halo’ car, according to sources at the Korean firm.

Set to represent the pinnacle of the N brand model hierarchy, the mystery range-topper was confirmed by bosses in July last year.

Company insiders have suggested to Autocar that hybridisation is currently on the cards, alongside a price positioning that would likely undercut the ‘115,000 Polestar 1 as well as other electrified performance GTs.

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QOTD: Future Classics? – The Truth About Cars

All hands seemed to enjoy the voting-style poll of last Monday’s QOTD, so let’s try it again. And, yes, if you flake on your choice you can change your selection.

Trying to determine The Next Big Thing in the collector car world is akin to fortune-telling tomorrow’s lottery numbers. Still, it doesn’t stop gearheads from pontificating on which vehicle will be the next to skyrocket in value. We have four choices for you today.

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The fourth-gen Mercedes SL has always held a place with your author, thanks to a combination of teutonic styling and a general sense of gravitas. Known by M-B nerds as the R129, production of this SL technically spanned three decades ‘ 1989 to 2002. Gonzo AMG versions are extremely rare, as are stickshift V6 versions which admittedly reside on the other end of the performance spectrum. After years of being able to pick one up for a (relative) song, I think these convertibles are poised to significantly go up in value. After all, when the valet asks ‘Which car is yours?’ no one has ever regretted saying ‘Why, my dear man, it’s that big grey Mercedes.’