It Looks Like an Electric Honda Sports Car May Have Been Leaked in a Japanese Patent Filing

Patent applications filed by Honda suggest that the Japanese automaker could be ready to reveal an electric sports car concept with up to 296 horsepower.

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Images of intellectual property documents filed with the Japan Patent Office in December of 2018 were published Wednesday by Shropshire Star‘and depict a low-slung, two-door vehicle reminiscent of the 2017 Honda Sports EV concept car. Discernible cooling ducts are few, the only obvious examples being those just ahead of the rear wheels, suggesting that this could be a rear- or all-wheel-drive EV.

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This may worth something:

Honda S2000 Reimagined With 2019 Civic Styling

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Toyota’s North American CEO Isn’t Exactly Brimming With Enthusiasm for EVs

When it comes to electric vehicles, Toyota’s North American CEO seems to be on a different page than the company’s big boss,’Akio Toyoda. A different page than Ford and General Motors, too. Maybe it’s because Toyoda has the entire globe in his sights, including many EV-hungry markets, while Jim Lentz can only look around, see low, low gas prices and a niche market dominated by a single player, and feel a rush of meh.

Lentz aired his views on our would-be electric future Wednesday, suggesting it would take draconian measures by the government to pry a healthy slice of Americans away from the gas pump. He’s not too enthused with Tesla, either.

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