Laura Kenny leading the battle to get young girls active: ‘There are such small changes that can have a huge health benefit’

It is a timely initiative. Sport England’s Active Lives survey last year highlighted alarming rates of inactivity, especially among young girls,

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The chief medical officer recommends that every child should be active for at least 60 minutes a day and Laura Kenny, the most successful track cyclist in Olympic history, has an idea to effortlessly account for a quarter of that time.’

‘School registration,’ she says. ‘In the morning, when they are signing children in, that 10 or 15 minutes should be done as an activity. Outside. Inside in the hall if its pouring with rain. Those minutes could be key. It should just become normal. I’d love to see that and I bet the concentration in children would be better if they have had fresh air and been active.’ Kenny had been told just before we speak about the latest worrying national trends in obesity and is clearly very determined to use both her voice, and considerable range of experiences, to inspire positive change.’

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The Hollywood Reporter’s 2018 Women in Entertainment Power 100

To create the 27th annual list of entertainment’s top female leaders, The Hollywood Reporter delved into 2018’s box office and ratings hits, hot deals and industry milestones ‘ from cultural phenomena (Black Panther) to mega-mergers (Disney-Fox) ‘ to identify the key women driving those wins and disruptions in C-suites, on backlots, in writers rooms and everywhere power operates in Hollywood. The result is a snapshot of female power that reflects what’s changed in the world of entertainment (and what hasn’t) amid Time’s Up and the industry’s merger mania.

At the highest corporate levels of Hollywood, a few women have ascended, notably Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke and THR’s Women in Entertainment Executive of the Year Dana Walden, who will take her Fox TV empire (but not her longtime leadership partner, Gary Newman) with her to Disney in 2019. But it’s primarily in the creative trenches where female voices have gotten louder, faster, with more and more stars taking on producer duties to tell the stories they care about ‘ so multitasking veterans including Nicole Kidman, Octavia Spencer and Jennifer Lopez are added to this year’s roster alongside meteoric breakouts like Tiffany Haddish.

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Sports –

The Packers will have the 12th overall selection of the 2019 NFL Draft. Following Sunday’s 31-0 loss to the Detroit Lions, the Packers finished third in the NFC North in 2018 behind the Bears and Vikings. Their ranking in the division has made the Packers 2019 opponents official. Here is a look at the Packers home and away games as provided by the NFL Monday afternoon:

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Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins

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Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers

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Norrlyn Allen: Knowing yourself and your worth

Norrlyn Allen wears many hats: restorative justice facilitator in the Lansing Public School district, an ambassador for the Residential College in the Arts & Humanities and an undergraduate research assistant studying the mental health of men in the African-American community.

While these, among his many feats, put him in the ranks of the most accomplished students, Norrlyn has his own unique definition of student success.

‘Student success, to me, isn’t even academic anymore,’ Allen says. ‘It’s discovering self-love and enjoying what you do and finding your passion wholeheartedly.’

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The Beachwood Reporter – The Beachwood Reporter

Through April 14, the Art Institute of Chicago presents the newest work of esteemed photographer Dawoud Bey (American, born 1953).

In this captivating exhibition, the veteran photographer shifts his focus from the portrait and the human subject to a landscape that holds the memory of fugitive pathways.

The series of 25 large-scale photographs depicts a reimagining of homes and grassy or wooded grounds along the Underground Railroad – the invisible network of routes and safe houses through which perhaps 100,000 or more enslaved African Americans found passage to freedom.

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