Lister Gives Us Much Better Look At Upcoming Knobbly Sports Car

Lister boss Lawrence Whittaker first tweeted a single teaser image showing the profile of the new Knobbly last month. Now, he just gave us a much better look at his company’s new sports car.

First here as indicated. Additional information.

At the front, the new Lister Knobbly features a curvaceous front grille that evokes memories of the original Knobbly from the 1950s. Additionally, the car has round headlights and a hood that seems to stretch on forever. Much like the Ferrari Monza, the Knobbly is a Speedster in the truest sense of the word and has an open cabin with just a tiny windshield and small side windows.

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Other than confirming that the new-age Knobbly will be built, the British car manufacturer has released no additional details about the vehicle. We don’t know what will power it, how much it will cost, how many units will be built, or even if it will be road-legal.

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It’s a seldom found opportunity when individual cars that have been hugely successful on the track appear at auction, with serious collectors exchanging eye-watering amounts of money for such vehicles privately. However, Bonhams are to present this 1959 Lister-Jaguar ‘Knobbly’ 3.8-litre sports-racing two-seater, a winner of 29 races from 1958-’63, during the December 1 Bond Street Sale.

In 1959, the chassis of the car was replaced. The original wasn’t lost though, built into another Lister-Jaguar before being added to this sale. There is also a spare engine, a set of original Weber DCO carburettors and multiple suspension, mechanical and sheet metal parts. This car’s pedigree has been known for some time, with a 1980 book called ‘Powered by Jaguar’ looking at the history of it.

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I get the purpose of the Portofino; it’s the quintessential everyday Ferrari you can take your three luckiest friends to the beach in, and park anywhere without having to worry about whether it will make the entry into the car park or not.

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