Mazda rules out return of MPS 3 and rotary sports car

Mazda had a few other things to share during the reveal of the fourth-generation Mazda 3 in Los Angeles recently, which will likely result in enthusiasts being more than upset.

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The first involves an MPS version of the new Mazda 3, which stopped at the second-generation model without any replacement in sight since. With the new Mazda 3 out in the open, and Mazda’s 2.5 litre turbocharged four-cylinder SkyActiv-G engine already present in cars like the CX-9, CX-5 and Mazda 6, rumours swirled that two and two would be put together for a new Mazda hot hatch.

Many things are taking place:

2018 Mazda 6 review – CarAdvice

The upgraded Mazda 6 sedan and wagon finally get a turbocharged petrol engine with poke on higher grades. But there are many more changes as part of this model update, all of which skew an already excellent car, imbued with a premium feel, a little further upmarket.

You would be forgiven for wondering if there’s any place left for sedans and wagons in an automotive market dominated by crossover SUVs. The 2018 Mazda 6 range suggests its maker thinks so.

The revisions will only amplify the Mazda 6‘s positioning in Australia as a proudly Japanese product with a premium bent. An alternative to the Volkswagen Passat, Holden Commodore and hugely improved imported Toyota Camry on the one hand, but also a desirable offering for those liberated from primo-badge-dependence on the other.

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The Story of the Shop that Dedicated Itself to the Rotary Engine

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2015 Mazda MAZDA3 Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos

The Mazda 3 is among the very best in its class, though it may not grab as much attention as offerings from some larger brands. Redesigned in 2014 with a fun, attractive new look, plus new features and more efficient engines, the Mazda 3 should be a mandatory inclusion on any shopper’s small, fun-to-drive, efficient list.

What’s more, the improvements to the 3 come without disturbing what’s been Mazda’s primary appeal, particularly with this car’s predecessors: driving fun. The 3 is one of just a handful of driver’s cars in the segment, along with the Ford Focus and the VW Golf.

Mazda 3 2017 review – CarsGuide

For over a decade, the Mazda3 has been part of a three-way battle for supremacy in the Australian small car market. The 2004 original threw the felines among the flying rats when launched, transforming the then-dowdy 323 into a stylish, well-equipped, and well-priced contender for Toyota’s segment-dominating Corolla, and later, Hyundai’s value-packed i30.

As you can see, Mazda has never had it easy, and it’s a testament to the 3’s quality, style and ever-growing reputation that it continues to hold its own in the top three.

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The hatch is arguably less-balanced, in profile at least, its shorter exterior dimensions obvious in photos. The choice is between which you prefer for style and/or boot size.

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