More girls claiming Active Kids vouchers to play sport

EXCLUSIVE: More than a million Active Kids vouchers have been ‘redeemed since being introduced in January 2018 ‘ topping $102 million in value.

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Active Kids: Central West parents have their say on junior sport and government help

JUNIOR sport may be costing some families thousands of dollars every year, but parents across the Central West say the benefits far outweigh out-of-pocket expenses.

Registration fees, uniforms and travel costs to out-of-area competitions push up the costs for families paying for children to get active.

Athletics is just one of the sports that Alesha Bennetts, 14, has been involved with for the past few years and her family often drive from their home in Mudgee to locations across the state so she can compete.

* * *

Her father Kieren Bennetts said while the cost of playing sport locally was minimal, expenses soared when you factor in travel costs for away competitions.

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Girls in polygamous Kingston Group continue to marry as young as 15, records show, sometimes leaving Utah to marry cousins

Not desiring to be a plural wife doesn’t necessarily mean she hoped to leave the Davis County Cooperative Society, also known as the Kingston Group. But Jessica knew the longer she waited to wed, the more likely she would have to become a polygamist and the more likely her husband would be far older than she was.

* * *

Jessica is hardly the only girl to make such a choice. In a search of public records created since the start of 1997, The Salt Lake Tribune found 65 marriages among members of the Kingston Group in which the bride was 15, 16 or 17. The two most recent of those marriages, according to wedding certificates, occurred in April.

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