Morgan to produce new sports car to take on Aston Martin

Undated Handout Photo from Morgan, as the brand announces plans to produce a new sports car to rival Aston Martin. See PA Feature MOTORING News. Picture credit should read: Morgan/PA.

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Morgan Motor Company ‘ creator of the iconic 3 Wheeler, alongside other classics ‘ is set to reinvent itself with a modern sports car to rival the likes of Aston Martin.

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While Morgans tend to use traditional manufacturing processes, including wooden chassis components, the new car will use the latest in chassis and powertrain engineering, with a bonded and riveted aluminium box-section chassis.

Current top-end Morgans use an aluminium chassis but are based on a platform first seen in 2000, and have been highly modified since to meet manufacturing legislation. Morgan believes the new chassis will provide the right platform for its next wave of models, and can be modified for use into the next decade.

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At any speed, in any gear, a Morgan Aero doesn’t so much rouse the deceased as haul them out of the ground by their metatarsals. Presumably the good people of Malvern are now accustomed to this kind of ruckus.

Morgan has been hand-building cars in this corner of Worcestershire since 1909, and using a BMW-supplied V8 for its most serious models since the supply from Rover began to dry up around the millennium. It really is devastatingly loud in this application, firing pavement-bound pulses from a pair of side-exhausts and with enough torque to turn fourth gear while trundling along only a whisker quicker than walking pace. You can open the throttle early and wide for a locomotive chug-chug-chug that’s just so addictive.

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Let’s put aside some market realities for a second. I think a four-door Mustang, or a Mustang-based sedan with a different name, is unlikely. For one, Ford isn’t keen on sedans at the moment (perhaps you’ve heard). Second, the Chevy SS failed because, for the most part, Americans don’t have interest in rear-drive sports sedans that aren’t luxury cars (the Dodge/Chrysler gang being the obvious exception).

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The Friday Fast Lane: the electric ute you have always wanted

The electric ute you have always wanted Wanting to make the switch to an electric vehicle, but still need a ute? Then you could (almost) be in luck (soon, maybe one day)!

Bollinger, manufacturers of the brilliantly utilitarian B1 electric hardcore off road SUV (and not the champagne) are very keen to extend the concept into the pick up segment. Literally extend it, that is.

The B2 is a pick up concept version of the B1 SUV that exists only as renderings at this stage and features all of the SUVs’extremely capable off road abilities, but adds some serious commitment to load hauling.

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