Highlights of How NASA’s Disasters Team Helps Reduce Risk
(Oct 2018) . the occasion by sharing highlights of how we provide data to support disaster reduction and help improve recovery efforts. The NASA Disasters Team, a part of the Applied Sciences Program within NA

Report calls for NASA to ramp up search for alien biosignatures
(Oct 2018) Requested by NASA, this study offers a science strategy for astrobiology . The report also highlights the need for specialized measurements, equipment and analysis required to take full

Groundbreaking science emerges from ultra
(Oct 2018) Many more Grand Finale science results are to come, but here are some of today’s highlights: NASA’s Cassini spacecraft dives between Saturn and its innermost rings, as part of the mission’s Grand

NASA shares spectacular, sun-splashed photo of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
(Oct 2018) In the spectacular photo, morning sunglint silhouettes Lake Superior’s shoreline and highlights smaller lakes and mine ponds on the land mass. According to NASA, the orange coloration . Facility and