NASCAR America: Keep testing All-Star rules package, but keep cars hard to race

And I don’t know how that is bad for the sport. ‘Unless, anybody can get in the car and do it.’

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More than three weeks after NASCAR tested a new rules package for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in the All-Star race, the debate continues as to whether it should be used in a points’ paying race.

Then added, ‘It really, really hurts me to think about if we’re going to change that to satisfy Johnny-come-lately fans.’

‘I think what they are trying to say is there is an integrity to racing,’ Burton said. ‘And how do you keep that integrity? ‘ I don’t care how much horsepower (the cars) make. When someone wins an Xfinity race, they don’t get out and say ‘anybody could run it because they have less horsepower than a Cup car.’

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