NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. says sport’s popularity will come back ‘ with patience

He added: “The growth of our sport to its peak, that took decades ‘ “It really comes down to showing up and being the best car and having everything work out for you here.

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What’s next for NASCAR? Dale Earnhardt Jr. talked racing with the Free Press prior to Sunday’s Consumers Energy 400.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. knows NASCAR history better than most. He and his family have been successful drivers for three generations. NASCAR’s popularity is seemingly on the wane, but Earnhardt says it can grow again, perhaps even back to its peak during his prime driving days. One caveat, though: It’ll “take a long time.”

He added: “The growth of our sport to its peak, that took decades. That took more than 10 years, 20 years, that was a 50 years process,” he said in a phone conversation Friday. “You can take that apart overnight. It can be broken easily. Building it up again is going to take that same perseverance.”‘

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. changes gears when it comes to smoking

NASCAR has come a long way from its Winston Cup days when outlaw drivers like Dick Trickle smoked during races. Just ask Dale Earnhardt Jr., who’s gone from secret smoker to Madison Avenue pitchman for Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenges.Now an analyst for NBC Sports, Earnhardt calls quitting smoking several years ago ‘the best decision I ever made.’

‘I didn’t use Nicorette when I quit. If I had this product, I ‘certainly would have been able to quit quicker and sooner. The journey wouldn’t have been as rough and tumble for me,’ says Earnhardt. ‘I tried to do it in multiple ways. I stubbed my toe and failed multiple times. Eventually, my wife (Amy Earnhardt) was the biggest catalyst in convincing me that I needed to finally put the effort in to quit.’

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. to Make One-Off NASCAR Return at Darlington Xfinity Race

Dale Earnhardt Jr. came out of retirement to compete in a NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Richmond Raceway on Sept. 21, 2018.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Opens Up About His NASCAR Career And Concussion Concerns

NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Jr. opens up about concussions, fears and why he put the brakes on his storied career.

Michael Collins, director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Sports Medicine Concussion Program. He’s treated Dale Earnhardt Jr. for concussions since 2012.

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In 1982, my father got into a wreck with Tim Richmond at Pocono Raceway, turned upside down, hit hard, and actually slid along the wall on his roof for what seemed like forever. He broke his leg, but he kept that to himself and never missed a race. Why? Because he remembered what happened in 1979, his rookie year in the Cup Series, when he wrecked at the same track and missed the next four races. The driver that subbed for him was NASCAR legend David Pearson, who won one of those four races. Dad was afraid he was going to lose the job he’d worked so hard to get. So, he made sure never to miss another race, even with that broken leg in ’82.

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