The schedule is packed. So are the parking lots of the rallies you are trying to attend.

[ New Hampshire Travelogue – The Sports Car Primary ]
This year, I dragged my luggage off the plane and to the rental car counter and was rewarded with something that I had never had for a primary week – a sports car.

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From Manchester, New Hampshire ‘ I first covered the New Hampshire Primary in 1992, and coming back every four years for this election ritual has morphed into the comforting feeling one might get when you return to a favorite family vacation spot, as you recognize the familiar sights and think of how things were years earlier.

The schedule is packed. So are the parking lots of the rallies you are trying to attend. There always seems to be somewhere to go, someone to interview, a story that you should have filed.’ An event you should have gone to see.

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+ Trust your eyes and ears. The most important part of covering a campaign is being there in person to see what’s going on.’ I always mentally note which TV network big shots I see out in the field.’ Sure, you can watch many of the New Hampshire campaign events on C-SPAN or on your computer while sitting in a warm hotel or restaurant. But that’s no fun. Getting out to see the candidates, to watch their organizations, to see what’s really going on is what the campaign trail is all about. For example, it was obvious right away that Pete Buttigieg had a lot of interest in his campaign in New Hampshire. And it was obvious starting on Saturday that Amy Klobuchar was seeing a surge, going from just some interested voters to hundreds of interested voters.’

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Many things are taking place:

James May admits it was ‘fantastic’ not to work with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond on new show

He’s known as being part of an iconic trio, first in Top Gear and now in The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video.

But James May claimed he found it ‘fantastic’ to not work with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in his new travelogue series Our Man In Japan.

Speaking to MailOnline about his new show, the TV presenter, 56, said of going it alone: ‘It’s fantastic. I don’t miss the other two because this is a programme which is about what I think.’

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SC took note of travelogues to cement Hindus’ claim on Ayodhya land

New Delhi: The Supreme Court, in its judgement in the Ayodhya title suit, took note of travelogues of Joseph Tiefenthaler and William Finch regarding the history of the disputed site.

The top court, in its verdict, stated that the travelogues provide a detailed account both of the faith and belief of the Hindus based on the sanctity which they ascribed to the place of birth of Lord Ram and of the actual worship by the Hindus at the Janmasthan.

‘Tieffenthaler and the account of Martin in the eighteenth century indicate the existence of the faith and belief of the Hindus that the disputed site was the birth-place of Lord Ram,’ the court noted.

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Court spares Steve Coogan full driving ban so new Alan Partridge series is not cancelled

‘I’m producing a travelogue follow on TV series where I’m basically driving around Britain,’ he said.

‘The whole nature of the series is that it is a travelogue and it’s an artistic thing that he drives and that defines his character. You couldn’t put him on a train because that not who he is ‘ it’s part of his character that he drives.’

The comedian said the camera shots could not be faked because he has to be seen driving the vehicle himself.

‘You have cameras mounted on the bonnet then you have other shots where you have a camera mounted on a separate car filming the person in the car driving,’ he added.

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From Coimbatore to London in a car…

When Meenakshi Arvind set out on a long drive, it made news. Because she drove from her home town Coimbatore to the charming city of London. Titled XPD2470, the expedition covered 28,600 kilometres, crossing 24 countries in 70 days, to commemorate 70 years of India’s independence. Her co-travellers were Mookambika Rathnam from Pollachi and Priya Raheja from Mumbai. The journey started on March 26, last year and ended on June 5.

Arvind was recently in Chennai at an event organised by the Chennai Chapter of FICCI FLO and had helpful pointers for intrepid travellers who now want to embark on similar journeys.

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