This is the new Nissan Z Proto — for now, a prototype of what will replace the aging (but

[ Nissan just showed off a stunning design prototype for the future of its most iconic sports car ‘ check out the Z Proto ]
Nissan Z Proto prototype. Nissan The aged Nissan 370Z sports car’s replacement will be the production version of the Z Proto prototype,

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At long last, Nissan has given us a look at the next car in its beloved and iconic Z lineup. This is the new Nissan Z Proto ‘ for now, a prototype of what will replace the aging (but brilliant) 370Z.

Unveiled on Tuesday evening from Yokohama, Japan, the Z prototype wears a shade of pearlescent yellow paint and, to the relief of enthusiasts and Z fans everywhere, maintains the classical, sloped fastback Z design.

The new Z has big shoes to fill, since the car-enthusiast niche is famously a picky and nostalgia-filled one. Nissan was mum on many of the Z Proto’s stats but did mention that it has a manual transmission mated to a twin-turbocharged V6 engine.

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Nissan Z Proto sports car heard for first time ahead of September reveal

Nissan‘has stepped up its teaser campaign for the upcoming Z sports car, with a new video previewing its engine note – and confirming it will arrive with a manual transmission.

The 33-second video seemingly confirms the presence of a V6 powertrain, likely a twin-turbocharged unit expected to produce around 400bhp.’

The clip also revealed several’other small details about the’long-awaited successor to the 370Z, including the redesigned ‘Z’ logo, LED headlights and distinctive alloy wheels, which are shod in ‘Nissan Z’-branded rubber.

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2021 Porsche 911 Targa First Drive | The best roofless 911

There’s a lot of carryover from the previous Targa, which represented a wholesale change in how Porsche approached the Targa model. Instead of the glorified sunroof it was previously (or the single roof panel it started off as), the Targa’s current roof design is a complex contraption consisting of a soft top that lifts back and gets swallowed by an aft-tilting rear window clamshell. It’s a good thing pictures exist, because it’s tough to describe.

One notable addition to the roof operation for the 992 Targa is its newfound cooperation with the rear parking sensors. If they detect anything within 1.6 feet of the bumper, it cancels the operation and prevents the clamshell from crashing against whatever’s within 1.6 feet behind you. Just like before, it takes 19 seconds to open or close, and you must be fully stopped for the duration.

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25 Most Terrifying, Certifiably Crazy & Absolutely Coolest Cars Ever Made

We present to you The 25 Most Terrifying, Certifiably Crazy Cars Ever Made. As a precursor, I would like to mention that this list was particularly difficult to compile because it is so subjective; and on top of that, there are many great cars to choose from through the scope of madness we are looking into.

The biggest question then becomes, what metrics are used to determine whether a car is so terrifying, and so crazy in this context? Well, in my opinion a few criteria are key ‘ all out performance, unique/standout characteristics, and overall historical significance.

You may have already made the association that these cars must all be scary and difficult to drive, or even live with (literally). However, not all of these cars come from a quandary of wall-smashing, fishtailing, spontaneously-combusting widowmakers, per se ‘ though some cars with those reputations are certainly on this list.

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