No, Octopuses Don’t Come From Outer Space

I want to believe the conclusions of a new paper that says octopuses are actually space aliens whose frozen eggs first came ‘ professor of biology at Portland State University, told Live Science.

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Still, that did not stop a team of 33 authors from publishing a recent peer-reviewed paper that hypothesized all of these things and more. The paper, published March 13 in the journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, had a simple if unusual thesis: The Cambrian explosion — that sudden burst of biodiversity during which most modern animal groups first appeared in the fossil record some 540 million years ago — was the direct result of an extraterrestrial virus that crashed to Earth in a meteor impact.

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This may worth something:

Octopuses Could Actually Be Aliens On Earth

Posted: May 17 2018, 10:06am CDT | by Sumayah Aamir, Updated: May 17 2018, 11:45am CDT, in News | Latest Science News

Octopuses along with squids and cuttlefish tend to edit their RNA. This is the main differentiating factor. RNA is in many ways like DNA. It replicates and stores the genetic code.

However, there is a slight difference between the two. RNA has a single strand whereas DNA has two. RNA is thus responsible for the creation of proteins in our bodies.

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The outer space octopus theory

Here’s something fun for Wednesday evening. What with the recent news that the government wants to spend money looking for extraterrestrials, what if we already have some aliens living right under our noses? (Well… under our boats anyway.) Another scientific study has been released offering the controversial claim that there’s a decent chance the octopus (and the rest of the cephalopods) arrived on Earth in the form of frozen eggs 250 million years ago and actually evolved on another world. (Express UK)

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