Panoz announces all its cars will get self

Among the Corvette ZR1s, Mustang GT350s and Dodge Demons, it’s sometimes easy to forget that not every American sports car comes from the Big 3. There are small independent shops, one of the longest-running of which is Panoz.

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Steven Tyler’s Net Worth in 2018 Is Estimated at $130.0 Million

Fredrik Eklund’s Net Worth in 2018 Is Estimated at $30.0 Million: The “Million Dollar Listing” Star’s Story of Rags to Riches!

Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Credits:Gettyimages/KevinWinter

*Disclaimer: The estimated net worth numbers are based on our research done on the Internet and are for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee the accuracy of these numbers.

Steven Tyler has been the frontman and lead singer of the famous hard rock band, Aerosmith, for close to 48 years now, and he still sounds as good as ever. Thanks to their multi-million selling albums and singles, Steven Tyler’s net worth is estimated at $130.0 million’and still growing! While others his age are hanging up their boots, Tyler is raring to undertake another world tour. They don’t make rock stars better than Steven Tyler!

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