Peel Back Jupiter’s Layers in New ‘Space’s Deep Secrets’ Episode

A special episode of the Science Channel series “Space’s Deepest Secrets” will explore the Juno mission and what it continues to reveal about Jupiter.

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Our solar system's largest planetary resident has long mystified scientists wondering what lies within and below the gas giant'slayers. NASA's Juno spacecraft, which launched in 2011 and entered Jupiter's orbit in 2016, aims to take a closer look at Jupiter and answer some of our biggest questions about the planet and the solar system as a whole.

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What is the Epic browser (and what makes it different)?

Because Epic’s developers need to have the final code of a Chromium version before they can begin to layer the Epic-specific components atop the open-source framework, they’re usually behind Google.

Epic runs all search requests through a baked-in proxy service ‘ actually an integrated VPN (virtual private network) ‘ that Hidden Reflex itself operates. That means search engines can’t sniff out the user’s real IP address, and so can’t track the user by that address.

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Epic blocks all ads as well as a host of ad trackers and tracking techniques that attempt to follow users through their online sojourns or identify them as narrowly as possible. The blocked trackers include sneaky scripts and other techniques used to “fingerprint” users.

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