Pentagon is moving toward establishing Trump’s Space Force

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is moving toward fulfilling President Donald Trump’s request to establish a Space Force, in what would be the first new branch of the military in more than 70 years.

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In a speech at the Pentagon Thursday at 11:15 a.m., Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to lay out the administration’s plan. The Pentagon is also expected to release a Congressionally-mandated report on the issue.

But the calls for a separate military branch have been met with strong reluctance in some parts of the Pentagon amid concerns that it doesn’t need the burdens of a new bureaucracy. The move could significantly reorganize the military and potentially strip the Air Force of some of its key responsibilities.

Last year, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in a memo to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, that he opposed “the creation of a new military service and additional organizational layers at a time when we are focused on reducing overhead and integrating joint warfighting functions.”

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Pentagon is moving toward establishing Trump’s Space Force

On Tuesday, however, Mattis said that military leaders “are in complete alignment with the president’s concern about protecting our assets in space to contribute to our security to our economy and we’re going to have to address it as other countries show a capability to attack those assets.”

Congressional approval would be needed to stand up an entirely new military branch. A Space Force, dedicated to space the way the Navy is to the sea, would be the first new military service since the Air Force was created in 1947. But Mattis said that creating a new combatant command for space, such as one that governs the Pentagon’s Special Operations “is certainly one thing that we can establish.”

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Is Trump’s Space Force getting the slow roll from DoD, Congress?

A draft Pentagon proposal to create a new combatant command for space, with its own four-star commander was originally scheduled to be released last week, according to Defense One which broke the story. Mattis said he’s fully behind that idea, which can be implemented without the need for new legislation. ‘A combatant command is certainly one thing that we can establish. This is a process we’re in,’ he told reporters.

PENCE IS POINTMAN: If Trump is going to be talked down from insisting on a new, sixth branch of the military, Vice President Mike Pence would be the man to do it. ‘The vice president is kind of the point man for the president on this,’ Mattis said. ‘We are working closely daily with his office and with supporters on Capitol Hill and the relevant committees.’

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Trump wants a Space Force, but Pentagon has different idea

President Donald Trump wants a Space Force, a new military service he says is needed to ensure American dominance in space. But the idea is gaining little traction at the Pentagon, where the president’s defense chief, Jim Mattis, says it would add burdensome bureaucracy and unwanted costs. The Pentagon acknowledges a need to revamp its much-criticized approach to defending U.S. economic and security interests in space, and it is moving in that direction. But it’s unclear whether this will satisfy Trump, who wants to go even further by creating a separate military space service

Mattis, who said prior to Trump’s “Space Force” announcement in June that he opposes creating a new branch of the military for space, said afterward that this would require “a lot of detailed planning.”

Ex-astronaut slams Trump’s ‘space force’ proposal: Let’s deal with our current ‘cyber war’

“I don’t want to speculate on the president’s motivations,” Kelly said on MSNBC‘in response to a question on why Trump announced’his Space Force plan back in June.

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“The cyber war that is, you know, trying to affect our democracy, the thing that’s most important to the United States, which is free and fair elections,” he also said.

“It’s not clear to me what the purpose is of this new branch of the military, which is going to be incredibly expensive,” Kelly said. “And my big concern here is that, you know, space has been a place for us to work in a peaceful manner. And, you know, changing that with not any clear reason at this point is, like I said, kind of hard to understand.”

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