Police discover wrecked $300k sports car in Nevada desert

(Meredith) — The Nevada Highway Patrol discovered a totaled McLaren 720 off the road near Lake Mead Friday, and police said seatbelts saved the lives of the two people who were inside.

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The $300,000 valued vehicle was found 70 yards from the road and police reported that it rolled at least one time while nearly missing a ravine.

This is whats left of a McLaren Exotic Sports Car after a rollover in the Lake Mead Recreational Area today. Both the driver and passenger escaped serious injury because they were wearing their seatbelts. Seatbelts save lives!


The McLaren is a 710 horsepower coupe, which reaches a maximum speed of around 212 miles per hour. 

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Tesla’s Autopilot engaged during Utah crash

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The 28-year-old driver of the car told police in suburban Salt Lake City that the system was switched on and that she had been looking at her phone before the Friday evening crash.

Tesla’s Autopilot system uses radar, cameras with 360-degree visibility and sensors to detect nearby cars and objects. It’s built so cars can automatically change lanes, steer, park and brake to help avoid collisions.


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