Can You Find the Money to Fix Britain’s Health Care?
on 18th of Oct 2018 You’ll discover sound economics and good politics don’t always . Make companies like Facebook and Google pay a fairer share by taxing their sales in the U.K. instead of profits. Consequence: Targeti

Apprentice Week 3 recap: No-one can quite believe there’s such a thing as a £5 donut. And there isn’t.
Oct 19th, 2018 09:41 UTC Tom: pleasant, easygoing – definitely not Apprentice material Karren doesn’t much care for Tom’s easygoing management style, and nor (we discover later . — Andrew Wilson (

Israel Bars Gazans From Getting Medical Care in West Bank if They Have Relatives Staying There Without a Permit
on 18th of Oct 2018 Those who choose to stay in the West Bank are highly restricted in their movements, usually confining themselves to the city in which they reside, lest an Israeli soldier or police officer at one of t