Tumblr says it’s fixed a security bug, but says ‘no evidence’ any user data was exposed
(Oct 2018) Tumblr has disclosed a security vulnerability on its site that in some cases could have exposed account information. The bug was found in the part of the site that recommends other Tumblr blogs to

Tumblr finds security bug that could have exposed user information
(Oct 2018) Only affecting desktop versions of the site, Tumblr is just the latest social media platform to have security issues this year. In an open letter from the staff, Tumblr revealed they recently fixed a

Tumblr discloses vulnerability but says ‘no evidence that this bug was abused’
(Oct 2018) Blogging platform Tumblr has revealed today that its site’s desktop interface was affected by a bug that could have been abused to leak users’ personal information. Following an investigation, the com

Tumblr Fixes ‘Recommended Blogs’ Bug That Exposed Account Information
(Oct 2018) Tumblr suffered a security vulnerability recently and the blogging site has disclosed all relevant information related to the issue. Tumblr also said that it has already fixed the bug which may have e

Tumblr promises it fixed a bug that left user data exposed
(Oct 2018) Tumblr says it has sorted out a bug on its site that could potentially have revealed user data. The New York-based company said on Wednesday, October 17 that it had “some important information” that i

Tumblr fixes ‘security bug’ that exposed user data
(Oct 2018) Tumblr, the microblogging platform owned by Oath Inc., has fixed a security flaw that exposed private user data via its “Recommend Blogs” feature, which suggests accounts for other users to

Tumblr fixes security flaw that exposed account info
(Oct 2018) Tumblr just fixed a flaw that could have revealed much more than bloggers were comfortable with sharing. A security researcher talking to the social site (which is owned by Engadget’s parent brand Oat

Tumblr patches data-exposing privacy bug
(Oct 2018) MANILA, Philippines – Tumblr disclosed on Wednesday, October 17 (October 18, Manila time) it had patched a bug on its site that could have exposed the information of some of its users, though they sai

Election ad pitch to young voters: ‘Our chance to finally elect Florida’s first black governor’
on 20th of Oct 2018 The pair of ads is running on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Hulu, Vevo, Spotify, Pandora, Google search and the gaming platform Twitch. Targeting young voters, the ads are more direct

Tumblr’s ‘recommended blogs’ feature exposed user data
(Oct 2018) A security bug that hit Tumblr’s recommended blogs module may have exposed users’ private information, according to an open letter. Information like email addresses, passwords, IP addresses, and self-