Predictive Analytics in 2018: What’s Possible, Who’s Doing It, and How
(Oct 2018) We already live in a world of “real-time” predictive analytics. A simple predictive analysis is your arrival time in Waze. A more complex real-time prediction occurs billions of times worldwide every

Overcoming the hype around predictive analytics for better business outcomes
(Oct 2018) Don’t hesitate to ask questions and clearly verbalize your goals. The more you know what to expect from predictive analytics, the sooner and more effectively you’ll optimize your business outcomes.

3 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Team’s Predictive Analytics Efforts
(Oct 2018) With today’s high demand for data scientists and the high salaries that they command, it’s often not practical for companies to keep them on staff. Instead, many organizations work to ramp up

Civis Analytics uses predictive modeling to find Houston areas that need more Hurricane Harvey relief
(Oct 2018) To assist in the process, Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department awarded a three-year, $1.28 million contract in February to Civis Analytics . t raise your hand, we don