Reader Comment: Career and technical education: A future with promise

In Pocatello, Idaho State University’s College of Technology will soon complete its move into the ‘ on-going support is critically important for our students’ future careers and for Idaho’s future e’

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CTE programs resonate with students because the skills are obtained through applied learning. Every student has asked themselves two basic questions: ‘Why do I need to know this, and when am I going to use it?’ The answers are simple; CTE instructors apply various subjects to real-world situations, enhancing students’ abilities to understand and retain information from science, math and English to technical training. A student’s applied learning skills are put to use the first day on the job.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

NSW Govt and Atlassian map out new Sydney tech precinct

The NSW Government has joined forces with the tech industry to help design a major new technology and innovation precinct in Sydney, expecting to create 10,000 new jobs by 2036.

A NSW Government task force will also be created and led by Jobs for NSW chair, David Thodey. The task force will be in charge of leading the design and development of the new technology and innovation precinct, which will stretch from Central to Eveleigh.

Representatives from University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney and Sydney Business Chamber will also take part in the taskforce, as well as industry experts from a wide range of Australian start-ups.

Education ‘failing’ as a sure path to jobs

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