Running up score and wanting more is about where USWNT and American women’s sports are relative to world

All right, I’ve been listening to this noise about 13-0 for 36 hours now. And the same thing strikes me about all of it that always does about people who bitch about ‘running up the score.

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They haven’t played sports. They haven’t competed. They don’t know it’s not Little League baseball.

They know neither what it feels like to destroy someone nor get destroyed. They don’t know what competition is about. So, I’m here to clue them in.

The fact is, when a team gets freight-trained like the Thailand Women’s World Cup team was by the United States on Tuesday, it’s about more than just talent or resources. It’s about belief. In order to get beaten that badly, you usually have to enter the game believing you have no shot.

Same thing for the winners. The US women know how good they are. They were ready to play hard for 90 minutes. And they did.

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Many things are taking place:

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup- Group F Preview

The US Women, as Alexi Lalas will remind you no fewer than 40,000 times over the next few weeks, enter this competition with the incontestable best women’s footballing squad ever assembled. Few can hope to dare stop them.

Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, and Tobin Heath form the strongest attacking trident in women’s footballing history. Julie Ertz, Lindsay Horan, Sam Mewis, and Rose Lavelle augment from not far behind. Fullbacks Kelley O’Hara and Crystal Dunn are brilliant. The center backs and keeper are practically impenetrable. The bench could easily beat the everlasting hell out of any other team’s first-string on their best day.

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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 – US women could face nightmarish knockout rounds

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The 10 Most Popular High School Sports, Ranked By ‘Healthiness’

The Healthy Sport Index aims to help the public identify the relative benefits and risks of the 10 most popular high school sports for boys and girls.

While attending the Aspen Institute’s Project Play Summit last year, I became fascinated with their Healthy Sport Index.

Before we outline the rankings, it’s important to note that the Healthy Sport Index is not intended to conclude which sports children should or should not play. Different sports offer different benefits, and different children have different health needs. How each sport experience is served also differs from school to school and team to team. No single sports experience is the same, and some programs and coaches follow best practices more closely than others.

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