Samsung Steps Up Investment for Future Growth, Takes Initiative to Build Innovation Ecosystem

Investing in Growth Businesses for the Future Samsung expects innovations powered by AI technology will drive the industry’s transformation,

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Samsung announced plans to boost investments in businesses that will drive its future growth, committing to a KRW 25 trillion investment over the next three years, primarily led by Samsung Electronics, in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, automotive electronics components and biopharmaceuticals.


Samsung also announced a set of initiatives to become a leading force in building and energizing the ecosystem of innovative businesses for the digital economy. By drawing on its well-established expertise in technology and start-up investments, Samsung will open up its venture incubation program to both external and internal start-up projects and provide software training.

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ASX-listed G Medical seeks subsidiary listing on HKSE

Medical and e-health company G Medical Innovations seeks to list its Chinese subsidiary, Guangzhou Yimei Innovative Medical Science and Technology Co. Ltd, on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Under the proposed listing, Guangzhou Yimei Innovative Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd (GYIMSTC Ltd) would “spin off from G Medical, with the ASX listed G Medical to retain not less than a 50% ownership stake in the proposed Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed GYIMSTC Ltd.

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Machine learning takes a load off in network management

As networks become more software-driven, they generate vastly greater amounts of data, which provides some challenges: adhering to compliance and customer privacy guidelines, while harvesting the massive amounts of data’it is physically impossible for humans to tackle the sheer volume that is created. But the vast amounts of data also provide an opportunity for businesses: leveraging analytics and machine learning to gather insights that can help network management move from reactive to proactive to assurance. This doesn’t just mean a massive shift in technology because the human element won’t simply go away. Instead, by combining human intellect and creativity with the computing power AI offers, innovative design and management techniques will be developed to build self-improving intelligent algorithms. The algorithms allow networks to operate in a way that far outweighs networks of the past.

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Ten interesting things we read this week

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Burberry, Apple, EasyJet: Everything that matters this morning

Apple has become the world’s first US-listed trillion-dollar public company as a rise in its share price pushed it past the landmark valuation.

The tech giant reached the historic milestone a day after posting strong financial results, which saw its stock value rise by 9%.

It’s been 42 years since Apple was founded in a garage by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976, with the introduction of the iPhone and a new chief executive Tim Cook catapulting the company.

The new valuation means Apple’s stock market value is more than a third the size of the UK economy and larger than the economies of Turkey and Switzerland.

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